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  • Stretch Two-Piece Cans Manufacturers

    Zhejiang Yingyi Metal Material Technology Co., Ltd.was established in 2012 with a registered capital of RMB 130 million. is one of high-tech enterprise China Custom Stretch Two-Piece Cans Manufacturers and Custom Stretch Two-Piece Cans factory. The company has set up a technical development team composed of senior experts, doctors, masters and polymer professionals to solve the technical bottleneck of a number of laminated steel from testing to practical application, skilled application of blanking film processing technology, etc. Laminated steel technology has been approved by five national patents. Laminated steel with high-tech polyester films are independent research and development and production. We also supply wholesale Custom Stretch Two-Piece Cans for sale.

  • GSL Stretched Tank

    GSL Stretched Tank

    This product is used TFS plate as the substrate, a...

  • GSL Stretch Tank

    GSL Stretch Tank

    This product is used TFS plate as the substrate, a...